Diana Dussan

What I Did

  • UX Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • CMS Contao + HTML + CSS
  • Facebook Marketing Campaigns
  • Adwords Marketing Campaign

Diana Dussan Dental Clinic

Based upon interviews with users, statistical analysis, and market research of the competition, I designed and coded a modern website to strategically position the Diana Dussan Dental Clinic website to offer a superior user experience to visitors. Also, I developed a customized digital strategy to drive traffic to the site by efficiently using Google Adwords and Facebook ads. As a result, the Clinic has had exponential growth in revenue and the number of participants in its online communities went from 100 followers to more than 100,000

Website for dentists


Identifying the Problem

The stuff and installations of the clinic were remarkable excellent. Dentists and helpers were warm and extremely professionals. However, they were not attracting the right audience and growing as expected.

It was urgent to redesign the clinic's website highlighting the value proposition of the company, targeting the right customer and converting visitors in leads. 


Analysis and Research

Definition of Business Strategy and Value Proposition

I Interviewed the client and stakeholders to understand their business strategy and define their competitive advantages and establish how their company can reach and develop a long-term relationship with their customers.

Competitor Analysis

Following deep research, I identified potential competitors, the purpose of their sites, and compared weaker and stronger User Experience Design between them.

User Identification and Creation of Personas

Based on interviews with five actual clients and after outlining their profiles, I developed three personas who represented three major group of potential customers to help narrow and focus the design process.

Defining User's Stages of Engagement

I defined the user's stages of engagement to improve the experience of the user at every touchpoint and to generate possible user flows in these areas: awareness, consideration, purchase decision, and returning satisfied customer.

User-Centered Design

Empathizing with users' needs was key to learn about their desires, fears, and expectations. For example, some of them expressed to be nervous about making the right choice regarding dental or aesthetic treatments. So, they wanted to be accompanied during the whole process by the clinic staff and receive reliable information about all the implications, not just to sign a release form. 

During the process of researching and interviewing users, I was able to determine channels and influencers, this helped the company to build a strategy to create touch points with them. 

By defining users' goals and purchase intent, I helped the company to align its value proposition with those users' goals, as well as design a visual language, prioritize information and develop a tone and voice that resonate with users.


Design and Implementation

Creation of User Flows

I created user flows for the most critical tasks that I user could perform from learning about service up to registering or contact the clinic. The main propose was to create paths that offered less friction for the user to achieve her/his goal.

Information Architecture and Wireframes

Using card sorting and site maps, I defined the website's architecture, followed by the creation of wireframes to establish the main structure of the website.

Design Guidelines and High Quality Mockups

I selected the colors, typography, icons, and main elements of the design to create a high-quality mockup. Based on the feedback from the client, I then refined the mockups. 


With a CMS, I created a prototype to display the basic site functionality to the client and provide a usability test to their marketing team in order to gather feedback, make adjustments to the design, and move to deliver a Minimum Viable Product.

Information Architecture

High Fidelity Mockups




Minimum Viable Product

From the prototype and the conclusions gathered from the usability test, I created a Minimum Viable Product ready to be tested by targeted users. This MVP displayed a limited number of services, but those that were more relevant to the target audience and allowed users to register.


I tested the Minimum Viable Product by interviewing five participants who performed specific tasks on the website. I learned that the user didn't want to navigate to other pages to find a phone number or contact form. Also, they wanted to see real testimonials. 

Adjusting, Launching, and Monitoring

Based on the results of the interviews, I adjusted and launched the MVP. I drove traffic with ad campaigns with Google Adwords and Facebook to measure the impact of the modifications and evaluate if the new User Experience design would increase the online sales funnel conversion.

Final Solution

After three months of gathering statistics through Google Analytics and measuring the overall conversion rate, I adjusted the homepage and general navigation structure, and added the remaining portions of the Dental Clinic services to the website.

Facebook and Adwords Ads


We marketing team helps, we run an aggressive Facebook and Google Adwords campaign in order to bring users that matched the characteristics that I found when we defined and validated the personas. 

The main purpose was to taste the MVP and measure the conversion rate to validate the new design.


Facebook Ads for Dentists


Facebook Ads for Dentists





The company went from an obsolete website to a world-class solution, optimized for mobiles, with clear information architecture, specific call to action in every page, seamless flows that allowed the user to contact the clinic right away. Visit the live website


Angelica and her team have been supporting our companies for the past several years with such items as our website, logos, business card graphics, and corporate brochures.
Angelica is quite knowledgable about different options for website platforms and is excellent at transforming our thoughts into attractive and professional graphics.

Gregory Fiore, MD www.fiorehealthcare.com

Angélica is a gifted and thoughtful UX professional. Her work is well researched, thoughtfully curated, and passionately conveyed.
I had the good fortune to work with Angélica for the better part of a year and I was consistently impressed by her breadth of knowledge and depth of conviction.

Angélica es una persona responsable, creativa, gestiona con rapidez lo que se necesita, esta pendiente y siempre tiene una solución.