About Me

Hello! I'm Angélica Moreno

UX/Product Designer

I am a bilingual (Spanish/English) UX/Product Designer. I started as a front-end developer and graphic designer loving to play around with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to give birth to functional and beautiful websites. I have more than ten years of experience designing and building for the web. For the last five years, I have been creating websites, apps, and SaaS solutions with a user-centered approach. 

I attended university in Bogotá, Colombia, to study film and photography, and, after graduation, I completed a second degree in graphic design. My specialty is user experience and web design and development. I am always adding to my technical skill-sets through on-going study.  I like new technologies and coding, and believe that websites which are well-designed will result in strikingly more powerful engagement with, and response from, your visitors. My solid understanding of User Experience Design paired with customized research and deployment will help you reach more people, more effectively.  

For four years, I lived, worked, and traveled throughout Asia, while continuing to develop my business and abilities. This adventure has opened up a multitude of different learning opportunities.  It has helped me better understand the diversity of our world, inspired my creative side, and attuned me to see different approaches to old or new challenges with a more flexible, disciplined, and open mind.

Right now I am located in Silicon Valley, California while I hold a master's degree in Human Factors and Ergonomics at San José State University. 

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